1. General Conditions

All Pilates classes’ participants from Diamond Pilates Studio state that they do not have any obstacles to do physical exercises and they attend classes on their own responsibility.
In case of any injuries, pregnancy and any serious physical problems one should inform the instructor about them.
It is forbidden to do exercises alone on the apparatus or with the props without the instructor’s supervision.
During the classes we exercise barefoot or in socks.
The Studio does not take responsibility for all clients’ personal belongings.

2. Payments

All payments in Diamond Pilates Studio should  be made by cash or bank transfer.
Returns or exchange of services and products purchased in the Studio will not be accepted.
The Client is obligated to comply with the validity of tickets and make payments in time for tickets and other services.
Single classes are prepaid and there is no discount for them.
A New Client should make a payment for the first training in the Studio before or after the class, but on the same day.

Account no:  ING Bank Śląski 11 1050 1025 1000 0022 8561 1279

The payment for a new ticket should be made before the second training. If the Client does not pay for the whole ticket on the second training, then he/she should  pay for the attended classes on the third training. In this case the client is obliged to pay for already the attended classes as a single entrance according to the  current price list.

3. New Clients

A New Client is a person who is training in Diamond Pilates Studio for the first time.
Before the first training in the Studio it’s necessary to fill in the personal form, a short questionnaire about health condition and sign the terms & conditions.

4. Freezing a ticket

The ticket, when is valid, can be frozen only once in case of exceptional situations (such as holiday, illness), after the previous agreement. Freezing means that the ticket is valid longer for the time of absence.
Lack of the information about ticket freezing causes loss of classes of the overdue ticket.
Tickets can be frozen tree times during a year, for 9 weeks altogether.

5. Client’s status

Diamond Pilates Studio has three types of Client’s status: regular, silver and gold. Each New Client begins from regular. Silver and gold status give the Client discounts for all classes. Prices for classes are on the current  price list for each status.
Clients will be informed about the change of their status and the discount.
Silver Client is a Client who has bought and used: 4 tickets for 10 trainings or 8 tickets for 5 trainings (individual or duet classes), 6 tickets for 10 trainings or 12 tickets for 5 trainings (group classes).
Gold Client is a Client who has bought and used: 14 tickets for 10 trainings or 28 tickets for 5 trainngs (individual or duet classes), 18 tickets for 10 trainings  or 36 tickets for 5 trainings (group classes).

For families (husband, wife, children), who attend the Studio the tickets are added up on one account in order to specify the client’s status. If the Client did not attend classes for a minimum 6 months, the Client’s status is reduced to regular status and tickets are added once again from the beginning.

6. Classes

1 individual and duet

Trainings are scheduled directly with the client.

2 group classes

Each New Client is obligated to attend the first individual class, after that it is possible to join the group classes on the mat. If the Client has experience with such equipment as Allegro/Reformer or Chair, after the first individual class he/she can join group classes with this equipment.
The client can sign up for individual and group classes in person, by phone, e-mail, or message.
There is a possibility to create additional groups, outside regular schedule. It’s called a closed group. These classes are for a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 4 persons (regular participants, without the possibility of enterning additional persons), the dates of trainings is adapted to the needs of clients. 

7. Cancelling classes and the validity of the tickets.     

The Studio reserves the right to cancel classes until 8.15 pm the day before (by phone, text message or e-mail).
You can cancel the booked class untill 7:00 pm the day before (by phone, message, e-mail or in person), otherwise you will be charged for your absence and your next class will be automatically cancelled.
Tickets for group classes are valid for 6 weeks from the date of the first class from this ticket.
Tickets for 10 classes can be bought by Clients who attend classes twice a week or more. Ticket for 5 classes can be bought by Clients who attend classes at least once a week.
If the individual or duet class does not take place due to the absence of the instructor or the Studio’s fault, the Client will not lose the class and additionally will receive one more class to the ticket. Client who paid for single class will keep it and can use it within 7 days from buying.

8. Final Conditions

The Client has the right and duty to read the complete terms & conditions of Diamond Pilates Studio and agrees to comply. In case of any disagreement between the Client and the Studio the appropriate point of the terms & conditions will apply.