How to effectively teach Pilates? Verbal and visual cues. Principles of the proper positioning and correcting the clients during the training.

What we say to the client has a huge imact on how they will learn and develop their skills in Pilates. This should not be ignored and should not be done the same way without understanding. Each cue has to convey deep messages to be simple, clear and useful for the client.  Cues should guide well and deepen the understanding of the method and help to achive higher levels of proficiency. The programme of the workshop includes the presentation of the essence of the cues in the Pilates method and their priceless value.  Every participant will acquire the knowledge about what kind of cues should be used both in the group and individual classes. We will discuss verbal cues as well as how to teach the client the correct alignment and effective correction during the exercises, to make it feel better and make it more efficient.

Duration of the workshop: 4 hours
Presenter: Ilona Włodarczyk

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