Spotting in advanced reformer exercises

It is an inspiring workshop focused on quality for the „hands on” use to help the student at difficult and challenging positions. It is great to learn how to suport the student, make him feel safe and encouraged to go through the advanced exercises and find out greater potential and better self knowing. At first we will break down some advanced exercises into smaller parts. We will practice in a different ways how to get into inicial position. Afterwards  we  pair each other and practice ones as student and later as a teacher how to do and suport that performance. The goal is a team work and to create  „one breath” and flow between teacher and student in that movement and experience. There will be a lot of knoweldge, practice on original apparatus and lots of joy.

In the workshop can participate people, who did at least reformer course. 

Duration: 4 h
Time: 13.30 - 17.30
Pilates Metohd Alliance (PMA) CEC's: 3
Language: Polish and English

300 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy members
- 350 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy non-members
Presenter: Ilona Włodarczyk

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