Gymnastics rejuvenating

Gymnastics rejuvenating. Pilates with small devices

Pilates helps to maintain normal body weight, slows aging, increases growth by lengthening the spine, teaches świadmości own body, harmonize body and mind, focuses attention and relaxes, suitable for all ages. This intelligent system of gymnastics was developed by Joseph Pilates, whose name takes its name. The book describes exercises on mats, made using small equipment: balls, wheels or rollers. This equipment can be easily bought, and training becomes more varied thanks to him and efficient. It can perform it anyone who is interested in improving the health and well-being and is aware of the need to care for their own health.

Price: 35,90 zł

J. Pilates

J. Pilates "Return to life through contrology"

This is the original book by Joseph Pilates, which explains the philosophy, methods and presents a set of exercises on mats made by the same Joseph. The book is a great addition to knowledge for each instructor as well as for amateurs who want to deepen their knowledge about this method and make it from scratch.

Cena: Price 80 zł

Pilates Anatomy

Rael Isacowitz, Karen Clippinger "Pilates Anatomy"

This is Pilates as you’ve never seen it before.

With detailed descriptions, step-by-step instruction, and stunning full-color anatomical illustrations, Pilates Anatomy takes you inside the exercises and programs that will tone the body, stabilize the core, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Using the original mat work of Joseph Pilates, you’ll see how key muscles are used, how variations and minor adjustments can influence effectiveness, and how breathing, alignment, posture, and movement are all fundamentally linked.

Choosing from over 45 exercises, you can target a particular body region and delve deeper to stretch, strengthen, and finely coordinate specific muscles. You’ll also find techniques for breathing, concentration, and self-awareness for a unique exercise experience that enhances your mind and your body.

Whether you are just beginning to explore the beauty and benefits of Pilates or have been practicing for years, Pilates Anatomy is a one-of-a-kind resource that you’ll refer to again and again.

Cena: 75 zł

Discovering Pure Classical

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates: Theory and Practice as Joseph Pilates Intended

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates looks deeply into Joseph Pilates' traditional method of mental and physical conditioning by describing its foundations, goals, movement qualities and benefits. Specific attention is given to the ways in which market forces, individual creativity or ambition lead to deterioration and commercialization of the traditional Pilates method. We harken back in time to Joseph Pilates' own two books Your Health (1934) and Return to Life Through Contrology (1945) by exploring social, economic, psychological and spiritual issues associated with his traditional work.

Cena: 80 zł

Poster Mata

Inspection poster shows photographs of classic exercises on the mat, arranged according to the table of contents. Poster not only supports the learning exercises on the mat, but can also be a great decoration for the studio. Available versions of the poster:

  • Poster size 95cm x 135cm – 290 zł
  • Poster size 65cm x 94,5cm – 195 zł
  • Poster size 47cm x 73cm – 175 zł
  • Poster A4 laminated – 35 zł – only available in Studio!

Warning! Posters sent only by courier!

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