10 pieces



- 100g (1,77 cup) thin rice noodles soaked in hot water 2-3 minutes

- 1 lettuce – a few whole leaves put off and the rest tear for a medium-sized pieces

- 80g (1,5cup) bean sprouts

- 1-2 raw carrorts grated with coarse mesh

- 150g flavoerd tofu steamed and cut into small pieces

- 10 pieces of round rice paper to wrap



Drain noodles carefully and cut i tinto a half. Prepare all other ingredients in separate bowl. 

Take rice paper and soaks it in lukewarm water for several seconds to make it soft. Put soaked paper on a large wooden board, in half  of the paper put a peace of lettuce and a little bit of each components. Spread the filling out horizontally to within ¾ inch of either side. Fold the side nearest you over the filling, tucking it in. Continue rolling tightly, bend the sides in the center and wrap to the end. Serve on lettuce leaves with tahiny sauce.