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Diet coaching sessions runs Ilona Włodarczyk.

Diet based on natural and conscious nutrition is the first step toward a healthy, full of smile and energy life style. Thanks to an innovative and complex support of diet coaching you will create an appriopriate nutritional plan. You will expand awareness and build motivation for any challenge that you meet everyday with ease and joy.

Advantages of Diet Coaching

They live in their own beliefs about the world, but they also have great potential and the ability to understand and self-improve. Natural nutririon has a huge impact on human health, the psycho-physical state of mind, apperance, the quality and length of life.

  • development of conscious nutrition
  • change of attitude towards nutrition and own behaviours, convictions and eating habits
  • knowledge your own body needs as well as nutritional and motor ones
  • ability to control food and emotions
  • knowledge about healthy nutrition
  • vitality, harmony and well being
  • practical application and long term effects

Diet coaching is a series of talks, in which the client gradually develops its competences in a field of a healthy and new eating and life style.

The goal of diet coaching is to excite motivation for nutritional behaviour changes and their practical application. Coach is an expert in a human nutrition field. Helps the client to understand nutritional needs, widen the knowledge in this area and create appropriate nutrition plan. Coach supports the client in a process of change.




6 sessions (each 50 minutes long) • Duration: 8 weeks. •Cost of single session 140 PLN

Packet 9 "PROGRESS"

9 sessions (each 50 minutes long) • Duration: 16 weeks. • Cost of single session 140 PLN

Packet 12 "CHANGE"

9 sessions each 50 minutes long and 2 sessions each 80 minutes long. • Duration: 24 weeks. Cost of single session: 50 minutes - 140 PLN or 80 minutes 200 PLN

If you're ready / to make a difference and learn the secrets of how to do this please send us an application form.

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