Body integration with a magic circle

Magic Circle is one of the main accessories created by Joseph Pilates to build and strenghten the core. Exercises with Magic Circle set the body in proper position, strenghten and integrate it. That kind of work demands concentration, improves physical fitness and stamina.
In the second part of "Body integration with Magic Circle workshop" we're going to concentrate more on selected exercises, in which the Circle helps to engage the core in an easy way. We're going to talk about the secret of work from the inside of the body to the outsidethat integrates the whole body.
Our motto is to work with power not with strenght. Join us and develop your potential. Experience what you can discover in this amazing device and find out if it's in fact "magical".

You can participate in the workshop if you did at least Mat course.

Duration: 3 h     
Time: 2.30 - 5.45
DPA CEC’s: 3
Language: Polsih and English

- 250 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy members
- 300 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy non-members
Presenter: Ilona Włodarczyk

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